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Family owned and operated Micro Excavations Gold Coast has specialised in providing quality service on limited access sites for over 30 years making us the original limited access specialists.

Established in 1982 by Bernie Carlson, we coined the terms ‘Micro Bobcats‘ and ‘Micro Excavators‘.
Micro Excavations were the first to offer bobcats & excavators in combination on the same truck, and one of the few remaining companies who maintain permanent full time, fully trained operators.

Micro Excavations has both the right machinery and the technical know how to quickly and conveniently solve your limited access problems. Micro Excavations now own and operate the largest fleet of micro machines in Queensland; including Micro Bobcats & Posi Track ranging from 900 mm to 1,580 mm wide and Micro Excavators from a tiny 550 mm up to 1550 mm wide with augers, rock breakers, trenchers, pallet forks, stump planes and even a mini concrete nibbler, Micro Excavations Gold Coast really does have a machine for every situation.

Our Machines have been used in shopping centres, apartment complexes, hotels, prestige homes and have even been craned into backyards, storm water chambers, electrical trenches and subterranean tanks.

All Micro Excavations machines have either grass tyres or rubber tracks to ensure minimal damage to lawns, concrete and paving, our fully trained and qualified operators are here to make your vision come to life.
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Micro Excavations Company History

bernie carlson
Bernie Carlson of Micro Excavations says “It constantly surprises me that many contractors seem to regard these micro-sized machines as toys. They appear not to recognise their capabilities which are out of all proportion to their size.”

Bernie is speaking of Micro Excavations company‘s fleet of 4SDK4 skid steers, the babies of Toyota’s range, to which they have also added a 4SDK5.

Billing themselves as “The original Limited Access Specialists” Bernie claims credit for coining the trade term ‘micro’ when referring to these machines. Micro Excavations team gets around with excavators and skid steers all under 1.5 metres wide.

Since starting out in 1982, Bernie has focused squarely on the specialist market of getting in to places where conventional machines can’t work. Many years ago he disposed of his only larger skid steer so that other operators would be comfortable referring these awkward jobs to Micro Excavations. “Our objective has been to build a business that grows as large as possible with machines that are as small as possible” he says.
Bernie’s point about the capabilities of the 4SDK4 is amply illustrated by a job recently completed on Sovereign Island. The contractor needed the rear yard dug out and the spoil carted to the front and loaded onto trucks; he assumed it would be slow work with the smaller machine so he also ordered an 8 series skid steer with a 3.5 tonne excavator from another company. It soon became obvious that our 4SDK4 could keep up with the trucks, so after digging out the driveway the other bloke was just sitting around. The penny certainly dropped for the contractor when he realised I could have done the whole job unaided including cutting out the driveway. The small machines make up for the lower carrying capacity by being faster and much more manoeuvrable than larger machines says Bernie. In addition there are plenty of jobs such as on hourglass sand where a conventional skid steer simply can’t work at all. Using floatation tyres on our custom rims we certainly can, the machines are also in demand where customers don’t want their turf or pavers damaged and on these tyres their footprint is light keeping restoration to a minimum. Another time saver.

It’s extraordinary to see how close today’s houses are being built to each other, requiring smaller and smaller machinery to get work done. From humble beginnings Micro Excavations company has grown to now employ three generations operating the largest fleet of micro machines in Queensland.
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