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Swimming Pool Excavation

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Some things to consider when excavating your pool.

Micro Excavations Pty Ltd is renowned amongst all reputable pool companies as the best and the fastest pool excavation company in South-east Queensland. Micro Excavations’ specialist pool digging equipment is second to none; meaning your pool is ready sooner, saving you time and money.

Filling in Your Pool?

Micro Excavations can fill in or remove your pool too, often the shell can be saved so that the pool can be recovered later.

1. Always use a Certified Pool Builder:

People often think that because they’re on private property or because they’re using a prefabricated shell, a pool builder is not necessary.

2. Where is all that dirt going to go?

The average 8 x 4 m pool yields around 100 cubic metres of spoil, way too much to spread around the average garden.
We usually need 2 big tip trucks working in tandem with an excavator and a bobcat which can take days depending on a range of factors.
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